award winning author


Being a writer is something that comes from deep within my soul, something that can't be denied. I wrote my first book when I was eight, complete with preliminary character descriptions, and a story arc, though I didn't even know what those were then. And it has the ending that I have since learned is something to never do; and that is, 'she awoke from a dream'. I laugh now, but hey, I was a kid. 

Embracing the writers' community, I enjoy attending conferences and workshops, and love talking to and learning about other writers. Some I've met have just started their first novel, while others have had success getting published and, the lucky ones have hit the New York Bestseller list. It is a journey after all, for all of us that have a story we have to tell.

I have spent the last several years penning the story I have always wanted to write, Joan of Arc: Gabriella's Story. As a child I was fascinated by Joan of Arc, and one of the best parts of writing the book was all the research I did, learning about one of the most amazing women that ever lived. The trip to France retracing her footsteps was a highlight.


​If you are a writer, I wish you all the luck with your writing, whether published, traditionally or self published, or neither. We all know that we have to write, and write we will no matter what. And for all the readers out there, what a wonderful world a book can be to fall into and lose yourself in, at least for a couple of hours.